Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today is the worst day Jason and I have ever had... We received a phone call at 8:00am this morning from one of the neonatal specialists taking care of Christian, and he informed us that Christian had collapsed a lung and had to have his settings on his ventilator adjusted to very high levels. As we made our way to the hospital, we had an opportunity to discuss the matter more thoroughly with the nurses and the doctors once we got there. Basically, the doctor told us that he had the signs of a very severe infection and we could see that his skin tone was a very pale white. Christian was completely lethargic. As we went to the lactation room to pump, once we returned there was a whirlwind of activity happening around us. Doctors and nurses were rushing to Christian's bedside because his heart rate had severely dipped from the normal 160bpm to around 40bpm... the doctors could not get him to increase his heart rate. Our doctor sat us down and told us that he more than likely would not survive and that there was little they could do to keep him from passing. It took them 10 minutes of resuscitation to ultimately bring his heart rate back up. He is alive still but in very critical condition as he rests in the NICU tonight. We have praying and praying all afternoon and evening, and we thought we had lost him. However, we believe through our prayer that he is still holding on and that God will provide him with a full recovery. We are reaching out to you all, our friends and acquaintances to please pray for our son in his most dire time of need. We need your support right now more than ever and you all have been so phenomenal in providing us with your support in the past. We are pleading with you all to please say a special prayer for our son so that God may hear all of us praying for our beautiful baby boy's recovery.

In Love and Gratitude,

Michelle and Jason

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Christian seems to be doing a little better today and yesterday. He may have to get the ROP surgery on his eyes, but the dr. said that he would rather wait it out til next week to see if it corrects itself. His weight is currently 3lbs 6 oz. Thank You for your continued prayers, please pray for his lungs.
Michelle and Jason

Monday, May 25, 2009

Please Pray

Christian has been having some oxygen trouble the past 2 days. It started Sunday morning around 6 am at shift change. He kept de-stating and hanging around 60 on his SPO2, and they had to bump his oxygen all the way to 100 percent. Poor baby, he was just not looking good. Well, finally they decided they would put him on nitric oxide which helped almost immediately. They were able to lower his oxygen to 57%. He got some blood today and now is on antibiotics. Please please pray for him. Pray that his lungs will heal and repair themselves. Pray for him to continue to be strong through all of this. Pray that his feedings will continue to go well.
Will keep you all updated.
Jase and Michelle

Friday, May 22, 2009

The BEST birthday present ever!

Today I got to hold Christian for the FIRST TIME! I was so excited, I was sweating! It has been over 9 weeks, and I finally finally FINALLY got to hold him! Also last night his weight was 3lbs1oz! I am so so happy right now and thanking God and the AMAZING staff at Ochsner Hospital. Anyway, I got to hold him 2 whole hours! He was so warm and every now and then they would take his temp, and it was higher than when he was in the incubator. It was truly the best present ever.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally got Internet in the house!

Yay! We finally got our internet connection set up today:D
Christian had a great week. He weighed 2lbs 14oz today. He was up to 2lbs 15 oz about three days ago but it shifts. His feedings are 7.8 ml an hour now! Big boy! He likes the milk, because he is pooping alot! Today poor thing was sitting in a puddle of poop. LOL. All over his blankets. So I decided I would buy him some more back up blankets. Im trying to stay away from the hospital ones, I don't enjoy the clinical look more than I have to. Plus he looks so much more comfy in his colorful blankets.
Jason flew back to California for the week, so I have been making sure to take tons of photos to send to him. I feel so awful that he has to go without seeing him.
Well, Christian is currently 33 weeks old and he has grown so much and I am so so happy and thankful for what God and the great hospital staff has done for our boy.
Much Love,
Jason and Michelle

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Visit

Well, today my poor little baby had to get a heart ultrasound. They found that bruises on him, and also his middle finger on his right hand was blue. So they wanted to make sure there were no clots. They found none, but the dr. believes that it already shattered so thats what could be causing the blueness and bruising. His platelet count was low as well. Tomorrow they are going to run more test to make sure there is nothing abnormal going on in his body. Other than that, he looked so happy and his stats were great. I spoke to him and he loved that and opened his eyes and looked at me for about 15 mintues. He even SMILED!!!! Im still a nervous wreck but Im trying to calm down.
Jason is driving through New Mexico on the way back here so he should be here late tomorrow. Im sure he is thrilled to be back here with his family.
Thanks for all your continued prayers.
Michelle and Jason

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Christian was not a very happy camper today during my 3 hour visit. I walked in, and immediately my motherly instincts told me he did not look very comfortable. His swaddle blanket wasn't wrapped around him completely and his legs were hanging out. He didn't look too snug. So, I started singing to him and he was fine, then his oxygen saturation was just hitting the 60's and 70's every 2 minutes. So, the nurse tried re-positioning him on his back, then he started to cry. But there was no sound because of his tubes, but I saw his face crinkling up and his stomach moving up and down like a normal baby would look like when they cry. It broke my heart, I started having anxiety and felt very uneasy. His blood gas came out a little better than this mornings, so that was at least a good thing. His oxygen was up to 77, his weight back to 2lb 5oz and his jet vent rate was back up at 400. I felt like he was doing so well earlier this week and now he needs more help. Well this is the rollercoaster ride the NICU nurses warn you about. I am a nervous wreck, but I am just putting all of this in the Lord's hands. I've got to learn to calm down. I was very happy to know that his feedings are still at 6.7 ml an hour and he is taking to them very well. More updates tomorrow when I get back from his visit.
God Bless,
Jason and Michelle

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hello All,
Christian has become a big potato! He now weighs a whopping 2 lbs 7 oz! He has filled out so much! He is up to 6.5 ml an hour of breastmilk and taking to the feedings very well! His rate on the jet vent is now at 280, and we are hoping pretty soon that he will be off the jet vent. He enjoys head rubs with the johnson baby lotion and just resting your hand on his head calms him down. The day before yesterday, I walked in and had a shock! The nurse was putting an outfit on him! It was so adorable. I will post a photo soon. Thank God everythng has been going very smoothly for our little boy, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers:)
Jason and Michelle B.